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Martial Arts Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula

Wing Chun martial arts is great for self-defense, fitness, stress-relief, improved confidence, coordination, focus, discipline, to socialise, or just for fun.

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Wing Chun Universe Martial Arts

Master Joe Sayah began training Wing Chun Kung Fu directly under Grandmaster William Cheung at age nine. In 2001, he was certified as a red sash Master, the youngest person in the world to attain that degree. He's been teaching and touring internationally for 25 years and began teaching in 1999.

At Wing Chun Universe we offer professional instructors, who are all certified under Master Joe Sayah. Easch instructor is highly skilled and qualified in the traditional art of Wing Chun Kung Fu techniques, principles, and philosophy. Visit the website of your local academy to find out more.

Childrens Martial Arts Classes

Wing Chun Universe academy offers simple and fun kids programs specially designed to improve your child's focus, discipline, concentration, coordination, reflexes, self-confidence, respect, and ability to defend themselves when necessary. These skills will benefit them, at school and at home, for the rest of their lives. We welcome parents to contact their nearest school to find out more about the benefits of Wing Chun Kung Fu for their children today.

Womens and Mens Martial Arts Classes

Most people choose to train Wing Chun Kung Fu as a martial art as opposed to MMA, tae kwon do, karate, or another style because it's the most effective and efficient martial art system in the world while simultaneously being easy on the joints and body since it deflects forceful punches and kicks rather than clashing with them. Some train because they're die-hard martial artists or fans of Bruce Lee and Ip man who popularized Wing Chun. Some people train at our academy for self-defense, others for fitness, stress-relief, improved confidence, coordination, focus, discipline, to socialize, or just for fun.